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Barbie Diamond Castle Necklace

  • $119.00

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Barbie Diamond Castle Necklace

If you believe in loyalty and love, this Barbie diamond castle necklace is made for you. The serene pendant will make you feel cozy and full of confidence on any occasion. Solitaire diamond bezel necklace is a delicate piece of jewelry that every girl wants in her collection.

Solitaire pendants are always in fashion as they are minimal, elegant and cover all aspects of beauty and attraction. They are even 1st choice for celebrities on special events. Even royals find them enough to complete their look. The best point is that you can also own this stunning Diamond bezel necklace.

You can adore your neck on any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony or get-together, just put this silver necklace on, and you are ready to go anywhere with full confidence and a stir of glamour.

Diamond is considered a symbol of firmness, strength, beauty, and love since ages. This pendant keeps that qualities locked in this precious gemstone. Light pink diamond is in cushion cut design and fixed with four prongs setting also known as bezel setting. Delicate chain along with pink diamond has its grace. Silver necklaces are of high quality and non-tarnishable. And you will feel yourself the high-class polishing and fine quality yourself.

If you like minimal designs, this Barbie diamond castle necklace is the best investment you can make for yourself.

Product specifications:

  • Crafted with immense love and care for customers
  • 18k gold plated sterling silver
  • Barbie diamond castle necklace with high class polishing and finishing
  • A single pink diamond with four prongs holds the gemstone
  • Bezel setting
  • High-quality product, Non-tarnish
  • High class polishing
  • Hypoallergenic product, suitable for all skin types.
  • Lightweight pendant compliments all dressing styles.
  • Hand placement of gemstone considering diamond placement standards.


Product descriptions:

Sterling silver

Shape: Cushion cut

Gemstone: light pink solitaire diamond 

Weight: 4.18g

Quality: High-quality, Non-tarnish

Setting: bezel



For this adorable and exotic minimal pendant, we make special and customizable jewelry boxes to enhance the beauty of this necklace.


You can also pair this beautiful and dainty pendant with solitaire ear studs. Buy this solitaire pendant and match high-quality solitaire ear studs from the website of Onthologie. You will get the package with proper packaging and care right on your doorsteps. Having diamond bezel necklace in your collection is a dream come true.

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