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Dual Circle Ring

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Dual Circle Ring

Some designs are special as they are forged with love and only special people have sense to choose surreal designs. If you are a high school girl and want to adore your fingers with something simple yet exotic jewelry, this ring is exactly what you are looking for.

If you are married and like to put on a casual yet solitary ring, then you can buy this product now. It will make you feel cozy. You would not have to make extra effort to get ready to going anywhere, like for groceries.

This Dual circle zirconia ring is elegant and unique in design. You can also wear it at dinners or family gatherings. It is a sophisticated design that makes you distinct among others in any event.

The halo is in a Dual circle shape and lined with brilliant zirconia. The plating of 18k gold maintains its glossy surface. At Onthologie, we made rings with special precautions and design by keeping the woman's satisfaction in view. It is a hypoallergenic and is not harmful to your skin if you want to wear it all day.

You can put this ring in your handbag in a small case and put it on your finger whenever you want.

The ring is a perfect way to show your love to your beloved ones. At this anniversary, give a memorable gift to your wife. If you like to buy dual circle ring, then this ring is a perfect fit to entrust your spouse.


Product specifications:

  • Dual circle, the halo of zirconia
  • Centre of the circle void
  • 18k gold-plated
  • Solid and round shank
  • High class finishing and polish
  • Hypoallergenic product
  • High-quality, color will not fade even after years of use.
  • Comfortable in wearing
  • Easy on pocket
  • Hand placement of zirconia considering diamond standards.


Product descriptions:

Material: 18k gold-plated sterling silver 

Size: Variable, customizable

Weight: 0.92

Quality: extremely high-quality, long-lasting shine.

Shape: Dual circle bordered with zirconia.


On Onthologie, we pack your order in a luxury jewelry box. You can also customize the box if you are sending it as a gift.

Onthologie has some high-quality jewelry collections. You can visit their website to order this ring. You can also customize this ring according to your size. I bet you will feel like a princess after wearing this ring.

You can also send this amazing piece of jewelry to your best friend, spouse or mother as a token of love and care. They will like this ring that you will gift them as a token of love. Gifts like this show extra care and love from your side and make your bond stronger with your beloved ones.

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