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Pure 925K Sterling Silver Lady's Eardrop Earring for Gift Lifetime Guarantee

Lady's Eardrop Earrings

Lady's Eardrop Earrings The Lady's Eardrop Earrings are finely designed with first-class craftsmanship and made from 925k Sterling Silver material. These finely crafted lady's eardrop earrings give your earlobes some charming...
925k silver necklaces for woman

Snowflake Necklace

Snowflake Necklace Some jewelry designs are made with such love that every generation has the honor to wear them. This snowflake necklace is one of those jewelry items. These types of designs are made in every...
sterling silver Infinity necklace 925k

Pearl Infinity Necklace

Pearl Infinity Necklace  Our pearl jewelry is crafted with a high-luster Handpicked, real pearls with thick and iridescent nacre, solid 925k Stamped Sterling Silver, micro pave gemstone, and the pearl...
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Ellipse Pearl Earrings

Ellipse Pearl Earrings Our pearl jewelry is crafted with a high-luster Handpicked, real pearls with thick and iridescent nacre, micro pave gemstone, and the pearl earrings are plated with 18k...
Silver baguette citrine ring
6, 6.5, 7.5, 8

Baguette Citrine Ring

Baguette Citrine Ring Are you looking for a royal Baguette Citrine Ring? This yellow stone engagement ring is an excellent choice for your big day. You can give your princess...
gold wedding rings for women
7.5, 8, 9

Gold Shell Rings

Gold Shell Rings Are you looking for a beautiful and exotic ring to wear to a party or wedding ceremony? It is a perfect ring that will make you feel...
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Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace

Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace Do you like to do experiments while buying jewelry? This bold and fashionable gemstone necklace is full of multiple colored crystals—a piece of jewelry made for...
Baguette diamond necklace

Gemstone Baguette Necklace

Gemstone Baguette Necklace This special piece is for those who love ornate and modern jewelry with large gemstones. The baguette necklace is a charm speller made with utmost love. This...
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Barbie Diamond Castle Necklace

Barbie Diamond Castle Necklace If you believe in loyalty and love, this Barbie diamond castle necklace is made for you. The serene pendant will make you feel cozy and full...
silver drop necklaces

Star Drop Necklace

Star Drop Necklace Have you ever adored your neck with an ornate pendant? You will feel overwhelmed by the magical design of this delicate star drop necklace. This hanging pendant...
925k sterling silver silver circle earrings

Circle Stony Earring

Circle Stony Earrings Are you whining to get small size but elegant jewelry? These small eardrops round zirconia earrings are what you are looking for. Small yet decent earrings compliment...
sterling silver Earrings for women

Essential Drop Earrings

Essential Drop Earrings Have you ever dreamed of looking like a royal family member and owning diamond jewelry like them? You can now get that queen or princess look with...