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crystal necklaces

Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace

Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace Do you like to do experiments while buying jewelry? This bold and fashionable gemstone necklace is full of multiple colored crystals—a piece of jewelry made for...
Silver Chain Crystal Necklace

Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace in Silver Chain

Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace in Silver Chain Do you like to do experiments while buying jewelry? This bold and fashionable gemstone necklace is full of multiple colored crystals—a piece of jewelry made for you to comfort...
sterling silver neclaces

Barbie Diamond Castle Necklace

Barbie Diamond Castle Necklace If you believe in loyalty and love, this Barbie diamond castle necklace is made for you. The serene pendant will make you feel cozy and full...
moon necklace

Crescent Moon Necklace

Crescent Moon Necklace Onthologie's Crescent Moon Necklace is the perfect way to add a touch of celestial magic to any outfit. This beautiful piece features a delicate crescent moon pendant...
Link chain

Dual Pearl Necklace

Dual Pearl Necklace This is not your average pearl necklace. With two pearls in contrasting colors, this Dual Pearl Necklace is sure to turn heads. The gold and silver setting...
925k silver Pearl pendant ring necklace

Emerald Bead Pearl Necklace

Emerald Bead Pearl Necklace If you are looking for a modern and unique design, this pearl necklace is comparable to your anesthetics. Women who love adorable and mystical jewelry will...
circle necklaces

Fine Cluster Necklace

Fine Cluster Necklace A masterpiece, a finely crafted, hand-made cluster pendant necklace. This necklace is so beautiful you wouldn't want to take it off at all. We consider the Fine...
Baguette diamond necklace

Gemstone Baguette Necklace

Gemstone Baguette Necklace This special piece is for those who love ornate and modern jewelry with large gemstones. The baguette necklace is a charm speller made with utmost love. This...
link chain necklace

Gold Chain Pearl Necklace

Gold Chain Pearl Necklace Complete your look with this stunning gold chain pearl necklace. Onthologie's high-polish finish and unique, attractive design will make this necklace a standout piece in your...
gold pearl necklaces

Gold Pearl Layered Necklace

Gold Pearl Layered Necklace Delicately layered with gold and pearls, this Gold Pearl Layered Necklace is a stunner. Elegant and timeless, this necklace will take any outfit up a notch....
Herringbone Chain Necklaces
16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch

Herringbone Chain Necklace

Herringbone Chain Necklace A modern classic, this Herringbone Chain Necklace will become one of your wardrobe staples. This 18k gold-plated sterling silver necklace is versatile and lightweight, making it the...
gold circle necklace for gift

Hoop Circle Necklace

Hoop Circle Necklace Have you ever dreamed of adorning your neck with some special circle necklace? Every woman is obsessed with looking good and getting great remarks for her beauty. This circle...

 925k Sterling Silver Necklaces