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Modern Hoop Earrings

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Modern Hoop Earrings

Are you a college-going girl and need a sassy piece of jewelry to enhance your casual look, these modern hoop earrings are made exactly for you. The best part of the hoop is that its surface is curved neatly in specific angles, which increases its shine and make it more appealing.

The sterling silver earrings are of high quality and non-tarnishing. Whether you are wearing a long coat, jacket, or tees, these adorable earrings will complement all types of dressing styles. There are no styling limitations for wearing hoop earrings. Loose hair or ponytails with bangs or without bangs or long waves will give you that specific girly look you want to see in a mirror image of yourself.

You might remember the young girls from sitcoms and movies of the 80s. The hoop earrings are always a fashion statement. Girls from the ’80s and ’90s followed the fashion from the limelight. This style always has a girl’s heart. Pieces like these never go out of fashion. That’s why every time is the right time to buy this antique.

Girls are always in haste, and these earrings are easy to carry and light on your ears. You will not feel pain even wearing it for many hours.

Moreover, these modern style textured earrings would be the best option to cheer up your best friend on her birthday. If your mother like hoop style earrings then you cam also order this pair for your mother too.

Here are some specifications of this product.


Product specifications:

  • Pure sterling silver textured earrings 
  • Easy to close
  • Comfortable for ears
  • Perfect for teenagers
  • The earrings are non-tarnish. The shine will last longer.
  • High-quality, artificial but solid design
  • Carved with care by the hands of experienced craftsmen.


Product descriptions:

Material: 18k gold plated 925k Sterling silver

Style: Round hoop style

Method: Unique

Quality: non-tarnish

Origin: Europe

Weight: 2,88 gr.


You will get these earrings in proper jewelry box packed with care and delivered on your doorsteps.

Try them on an outing with family or for lunch with friends. You will fall in love with your look if you apply a bright-colored tint to your lips.

You can order these trendy and appealing earrings from Onthologie. You can check out other jewelry products on their website too. We have collection of many jewelry products with unique and appealing designs.

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