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leaf earrings for woman

Only Leaves Crescent Earrings

Only Leaves Crescent Earrings Our "Only Leave Crescent Earrings" are sets of finely crafted crescent moon earrings designed to give your earlobes some charming sparkles. They are cut and designed...
Pure 925K Sterling Silver Lady's Eardrop Earring for Gift Lifetime Guarantee

Lady's Eardrop Earrings

Lady's Eardrop Earrings The Lady's Eardrop Earrings are finely designed with first-class craftsmanship and made from 925k Sterling Silver material. These finely crafted lady's eardrop earrings give your earlobes some charming...

Eastern Tulip Earrings

Eastern Tulip Earrings  Our "Eastern Tulip Earrings" are sets of finely crafted tulip earrings designed with first-class craftsmanship and made from 925k Sterling Silver material. This neatly polished %100 pure silver...
pearl drop earrings

Ellipse Pearl Earrings

Ellipse Pearl Earrings Our pearl jewelry is crafted with a high-luster Handpicked, real pearls with thick and iridescent nacre, micro pave gemstone, and the pearl earrings are plated with 18k...
sterling silver Earrings for women

Essential Drop Earrings

Essential Drop Earrings Have you ever dreamed of looking like a royal family member and owning diamond jewelry like them? You can now get that queen or princess look with...
925k sterling silver crystal drop earrings for woman

Antique Chandelier Dangling Earrings

Antique Chandelier Dangling Earrings Have you ever experienced wearing antique chandelier earrings? You will feel out of the world due to their special charm once you see yourself in the...
gold plated hoop earrings

Modern Hoop Earrings

Modern Hoop Earrings Are you a college-going girl and need a sassy piece of jewelry to enhance your casual look, these modern hoop earrings are made exactly for you. The best part...
925k sterling silver silver circle earrings

Circle Stony Earring

Circle Stony Earrings Are you whining to get small size but elegant jewelry? These small eardrops round zirconia earrings are what you are looking for. Small yet decent earrings compliment...
Silver dangle earrings

Micro-Pavé Trio Line Earrings

Micro-Pavé Trio Line Earrings Delicate and dazzling, these Micro-Pavé Trio Line Earrings add some sparkle to your style. Handcrafted with intricate detail, these earrings are perfect for everyday wear. The...
helix earrings

Helix Earrings

Helix Earrings Start your day by putting on a pair of earrings that make you feel confident and powerful. The helix earrings from Onthologie are the perfect addition to your...
dangle cross earrings

Mother of Pearl Cross Earrings

Mother of Pearl Cross Earrings Elevate your look with these mother-of-pearl cross earrings from Onthologie. These earrings are handmade with natural mother of pearl, making each pair one-of-a-kind. Add a...
sterling silver earrings

Helen Star Earrings

Helen Star Earrings A little bit of star power is all you need. These earrings are named after the radiant Helen of Troy. With her captivating beauty, she was said...
pearl necklaces

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