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Antique Chandelier Dangling Earring

Antique Chandelier Dangling Earrings

Antique Chandelier Dangling Earrings Have you ever experienced wearing antique chandelier earrings? You will feel out of the world due to their special charm once you see yourself in the...
Gemstone silver necklace with silver chain

Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace

Authentic Multicolor Stone Necklace Do you like to do experiments while buying jewelry? This bold and fashionable gemstone necklace is full of multiple colored crystals—a piece of jewelry made for...
Citrine Drop Earrings

Citrine Drop Earrings

Citrine Drop Earrings Have you ever dreamed of looking like a royal family member and owning diamond jewelry like them? You can now get that queen or princess look with...
Dual Circle Ring
6, 7, 7.5, 8

Dual Circle Ring

Dual Circle Ring Some designs are special as they are forged with love and only special people have sense to choose surreal designs. If you are a high school girl...
circle stony sterling silver earring

Elegant Round Earrings

Elegant Round Earrings  Are you whining to get small size but elegant jewelry? These small eardrops round zirconia earrings are what you are looking for. Small yet decent earrings compliment...
Gemstone Baguette Necklace

Gemstone Baguette Necklace

Gemstone Baguette Necklace This special piece is for those who love ornate and modern jewelry with large gemstones. The baguette necklace is a charm speller made with utmost love. This...
Gold beaded eternal ring
7, 7.5

Gold-Plated Exquisite Gemstone Ring

Gold-Plated Exquisite Gemstone Ring Are you looking for an antique piece of jewelry for casual use? This unique design is crafted especially for household ladies. If you are a person...
silver gold plated circle necklace

Hoop Circle Necklace

Hoop Circle Necklace Have you ever dreamed of adorning your neck with some special circle necklace? Every woman is obsessed with looking good and getting great remarks for her beauty. This circle...
sterling Silver hoop earrings

Modern Hoop Earrings

Modern Hoop Earrings Are you a college-going girl and need a sassy piece of jewelry to enhance your casual look, these modern hoop earrings are made exactly for you. The best part...
Pearl pendant ring holder necklace

Mystic Pearl Locket With Gold Chain

Mystic Pearl Locket With Gold Chain A mystic pearl necklace is a contemporary piece of art you have ever seen. Pearl is a timeless epitome of beauty that woman craves...
Pearl pendant ring necklace

Pearl in a Gold-Nesting Necklace

Pearl in a Gold-Nesting Necklace If you are looking for a modern and unique design, this pearl necklace is comparable to your anesthetics. Women who love adorable and mystical jewelry...
Single Pearl necklaces

Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace What could be more satisfying for any woman than wearing original pearls as a necklace? One of the most anticipating and desired jewelry types is the pearl...