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Wishbone Necklace

Wishbone Necklace

Do you have a wish you'd want to fulfill? It's better to make a wish on a wishbone! If you've ever eaten a whole chicken or turkey down to the bare bones, you've probably come across a wishbone in the process. A meat-eater is not required to appreciate the magnificent meaning of wishbone jewelry, but it certainly helps! In reality, wishbones are folklore emblems of good fortune, luck, and optimism that may be seen in many cultures. When you've got a wishbone in your palm, who needs stars to make wishes come true? But what exactly does it imply, and how did this peculiar practice come to be?

Even while the background seems to be simple, it is not the case. Let's go a little further to find out more about the symbolism and significance of wearing wishbone jewelry. Traditionally, wishbones are believed to bring good luck and wealth to those who hold them, so we designed a little one that you may wear or give as a present to someone special. Choose from silver or gold to add a touch of playfulness to your daily routine.

As you try to please on a wishbone, the wisher who splits the bone and receives the bigger piece is said to have had their wish fulfilled by the universe. Afterwards, the winner might grant their desire to someone else. The wishbone pendant represented the wearer's optimism for the future as well as good luck in life. As a result, it makes an excellent present.

The origins of the wishbone Necklace

It is thought that such a ritual originated with the Etruscans, an ancient Italian civilization that received it from the Romans, and that it has since spread across Europe. The sense of good fortune and well-wishes that the Wishbone conveys has evolved in the Wishbone gaining major significance in our modern society. The Wishbone Necklace represents these precise values in its design. From as early as 322BC, the legend of wishbones and their ability to fulfill wishes passed down from generation to generation. The traditions and religion associated with the wishbone had a long-lasting impact on Roman society, and their influence extended to early European and American societies as well.

A fantastic present for anybody who might use a little luck, and it's also excellent for daily wear

For your closest friend, sister, or goddaughter, the Lucky Wishbone Necklace is the perfect small present idea. Why not combine the Wishbone Necklace with other fortunate charms from our Ready To Wear Sterling Silver Collection to make a statement? It not only looks beautiful with our Horseshoe Charm or Four Leaf Clover, but by wearing more than one lucky charm, you are effectively double your good fortune.


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