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What’s A Wishbone?

What’s A Wishbone?

In jewelry, wishbones most frequently occur as necklace pendants. However, abstract and unique variations exist as wishbone earrings, bracelets and rings. Long before wishbones were a shiny glint of metal to decorate with, they were simply a forked bone found in birds. Say what?

That’s right, a wishbone is an element of a bird carcass called the furcula, which is 2 clavicles connected together. The furcula is found between the breast and neck of a bird and helps birds flap their wings and break away.

What you would possibly not have expected upon first glance of a wishbone jewelry item is for it to be modeled after anatomy, but that’s exactly what it is! What makes the wishbone so special, and why aren’t other bones popularized to the amount of this one? we are able to thank folklore for the rich symbolism of wishbones!

Wishbones in Folklore: Tradition and Symbolism

How can something as simple as a wishbone hold such significance? Like many symbolic objects, wishbones began as a custom, grew into a practice and eventually became a symbolic ritual. So, where did it all start?

During Medieval times poultry was a cornerstone of mealtime. As such, cooks would cut the bird, remove all the bones and clean it before cooking. They’d place all the bones to the side for drying, taking extra care to stay the wishbone intact. Of course, at now, it wasn’t called a “wishbone” yet, but a “merrythought.”

The bone served as a “merrythought” or conduit to ask success. to boost the bone’s powers, people hung and dried the wishbone for 3 days to make sure it absolutely was dry enough to form a clean break. Then, two people would make a wish and pull the bone to interrupt it in half. Except, one person includes a longer piece of the wishbone.

The person with the longer piece has had a “lucky break” and thus, their wish will come true! But what about the person with the “bad break?” Well, unfortunately, in folklore, their wish remains a wish.

On occasion, a wishbone will end in a good break right down the center. While this is often highly rare, the result's a decent fortune for both parties! Over time, the “merrythought” evolved into a “wishbone” and have become a widespread, global tradition. While breaking a wishbone ends up in success for one person, a wishbone intact holds another meaning.

When a wishbone is left unbroken, it represents good luck, potential and also the promise of fine things to return. And that’s how wishbones made their way into the jewellery scene!

Wishbone Jewelry Meaning

While a dried up animal bone won't appear to be the foremost aesthetic design element, wishbones are incredibly popular in jewelry! From wishbone pendants to rings, there are a spread of the way to wear this unique and meaningful symbol. Let’s explore!

Wishbone Pendant Styles and Meaning

The slender and fluid lines of wishbones lend themselves beautifully to wishbone pendants. Typically, the pendant faces downward which looks delicate along the collarbone and chest. Wearing a wishbone pendant near your heart compounds the positivity and luck. once you wear the pendant, say your wish as you place the necklace on as a private ritual.


wishbone necklace

Wishbone Necklace Pendant and Ring

If you're keen on the planning of a straightforward pendant, wear a wishbone necklace with a hoop around it. If your ring isn’t large, you'll be able to put it through the necklace chain and let it hang over the pendant. Because the widest a part of the pendant is at the underside, it’ll hold the ring in situ. this can be a singular and classy thanks to invite good luck, fortune, and potential in your marriage or engagement.

But you don’t need to link an engagement or ring through it, you'll be able to use the wishbone to carry any ring that holds aiming to you! Take extra caution to live your ring and therefore the wishbone pendant first to confirm the ring isn't wider than the best width of the pendant. If it’s smaller than you’re good to go! A wishbone necklace pendant as a hoop holder could be a great option for people who work with their hands or are simply searching for another thanks to flaunt their ring. Speaking of rings...

Wishbone Ring Meaning

One of the most well liked trends straight away is to wear a wishbone ring. Unlike the necklace pendant, a wishbone ring is slightly more abstract and interpretive. A wishbone ring contains a delicate V-shape that peaks at the middle of the ring. Wishbone rings hold significant meaning, as they represent the bond of two lovers, the uniting of two souls, and matrimony. It’s no surprise, then, that wishbone rings make great stackable rings for a marriage ring set!

Wishbone Earrings

Another stylized version of the wishbone are wishbone earrings. These accessories are wildly popular and are available in a very form of styles; from thin, metallic to chunky wood pieces. The factor among wishbone earrings is that they don’t look exactly sort of a wishbone. In fact, many of them look more sort of a horseshoe or upside-down “U”. Whether you prefer minimal designs or statement pieces, there’s a method of wishbone earrings for you!

What Does Wishbone Jewelry Mean

Wishbone jewelry personifies luck, solidifies the bond of affection, and symbolizes promises to return. Best part? you'll be able to wear your good luck on the opt for any occasion. Whether you elevate an understated outfit with a pair of chunky red wishbone earrings or string a fragile wishbone necklace around your neck, you harness the positivity of fine fortune by wearing this symbolic jewelry accessory.