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How to wear pearls

How to Wear Pearls: 5 Ways to Wear Pearl Jewelry

The tiny drops of moonlight captured in a delicate shell captivated people for centuries. Often seen on our necks, wrists, and fingers, these modest natural stones can replace assertive jewelry such as gold, silver, and diamonds. Many iconic artists, such as Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy, have shed light on how to wear pearls by incorporating them into their styles.

Some like to make them a part of their daily attire, while others prefer to adorn a black ball gown with these sparkling stones. However, pearls aren't limited to them. From pearl necklaces to pearl rings, pearl jewelry varieties are endless. Now let's look at these precious stones.

When to Wear Pearls?

In recent years, pearls have evolved with innovative designs, making them more adventurous. As a result, pearls in fashion have been revitalized with innovative designs from brands like Fenty and creative directors like Prabal Gurung.
Here are some tips on when to wear pearls, which are experiencing their second fashion revival;

Formal Events such as Special Occasions, Celebrations, Weddings

You should choose pearl jewelry for formal events based on your outfit and the occasion. Consider larger pearls or a multi-strand pearl necklace if you wear a black tie. To match a more colorful outfit, choose pearls in matching colors. A red dress or a warm, golden hue can look stunning with black pearls.

Business Meetings

For an important business meeting, consider your dressing style and the occasion's significance. It would be appropriate to prefer a classic and simple style in a formal setting. Pearls in white or cream might work well for business appointments.

For business meetings, it's important to consider the size and shape of pearls. Small, round pearls are usually used for more formal looks.

Casual Outings

Various colored and different types of pearls can be used in everyday clothes. For example, a single-row pearl necklace looks great with a white shirt and jeans. For a more colorful outfit, you can choose colored or coarse pearls.

Bridal Pearl Wear

The pearl color should match your wedding dress, preferably white, creamy, light pink, or silver. The wedding dress should match pearl accessories for brides. This creates a consistent look and completes your style. For a creamier wedding dress, pearls in peach or beige tones may look best.

How to Wear Pearls Everyday

Unless you exaggerate it, pearls are a good choice for everyday use. The shimmering appearance goes well with simple outfits. However, pearls' elegance should not be overshadowed by excessive jewelry use.

How Should I Wear Pearls to Complement My Outfit?

We need accessories to complete our outfits and make them more visible. Almost any jewelry can be worn with pearls since they are compatible with our bodies. Here are some of the best jewelry you can wear with pearls:

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings, from casual wear to wedding dresses, can go with almost any outfit. They come in many styles, such as simple pearl studs, loop earrings, or hoop earrings. They go well with wedding gowns of different sizes and colors on special occasions or weddings.

Most frequently seen and most beloved earrings;


classic earring is one of the way of wearing pearl

1. Classic Earrings

They are the simplest earrings, consisting of a single pearl. It gives a soft look as there is no jewelry to distract attention.


how to wear pearls earrings

2. The Diamond Rimmed Pearl Earring

Featuring diamond stones arranged around a single pearl, these earrings combine the shine of the pearl with the diamond.


modern pearl earrings

3. Modern Earrings

Modern earrings combine geometric shapes and different styles to create a unique design. There's nothing wrong with being a little adventurer and trying them out.


women wearing pearl necklace

Pearl Necklace

There's something different for everyone in how to wear a pearl necklace. According to your outfit's collar and neck thickness, you can determine the size of the pearl necklace. Combining pearl necklaces with plain or monochrome outfits creates a stylish look.


Women wears pearl bracelet to show how to wear pearl.

Pearl Bracelet

The bracelets look great for a casual look when paired with formal cufflinks or shimmering colors. Basically, single-row pearl bracelets are for everyday wear, while multiple-row pearls are for special occasions.


pearl brooch is one of the best way to wear pearls.

Pearl Brooch

Pearl brooches are designed with precious jewels such as pearls, gold, silver, and bronze. They are available in a variety of figures, colors, and sizes. Pearl brooches are stylish and elegant accessories worn on clothes collars and stand out, especially with plain clothes.

Pearl anklet is a another way of wearing pearls

Pearl Anklet

Anklets may not suit everyone's style. But for some, they are attractive accessories. With the right shoes and clothes, pearl anklets can completely stand out. Dresses that show off your ankles, like skirts or shorts, work well with them.

What Types of Clothing and Accessories Pair Well with Pearls?

Pearls have a distinctive tone, and they draw attention to your outfit rather than to themselves. Wearing pearls go best with formal outfits. Whatever you decide to wear, be it your most formal day dress or your finest evening gown, pearls will enhance your elegance and politeness.

a women wears pearls with suit

From pencil skirts to cocktail dresses or even full-length dresses, pearls add a sophisticated touch. You'll love how your style comes out when you pair your favorite dress with a pearl earring to match your style.

Keep a small pearl set in your closet if you like black dresses. For spaghetti straps and shoulder dresses, consider pearl drop earrings highlighting your collarbone and neck.

FAQ About Wearing Pearls

What Does Pearl Symbolize?

There have been many mythologies, legends, and religions that attribute magical or spiritual power to jewels. However, people also praise their natural beauty, rarity, and value.

A pearl symbolizes wisdom, enlightenment, innocence, tranquility, protection, and longevity. They were also thought to bring happiness, prosperity, and health. Today, pearls are believed to bring luck to many and are worn on special occasions or special events.

How Should I Wear Pearls to Make Them Look Stylish?

If you are not an experienced pearl user and want to learn how to wear pearls modern way, you expect someone else to approve of the style you have in mind. The most modern look is to wear pieces that mix natural pearls (imperfectly rounded) with gold or other jewels. With pearl women rings, you can take your style to the next level, especially with a gold necklace.

Are There Any Rules for Wearing Pearls?

Pearls are versatile accessories that look good in a variety of settings. There's no wrong way to wear pearls, whether you dress them up for a black-tie event or wear them casually with jeans.

Can I Wear Pearls with Casual Clothing?

Pearls have been a popular choice for evening wear and formal events. Pearls are an ideal accessory for dressing up any outfit. For formal occasions, larger pearls are typically worn. A pearl necklace or pearl and diamond earrings are examples of statement pieces. A few rows of larger pearls will look particularly striking in a more dramatic setting. Their intricate designs can add style to a more elaborate gown or hairstyle.

Can I Wear Pearls to a Formal Event?

Pearls are common at weddings, galas, and other formal events. When worn at a formal event, the combination of pearls and diamonds looks more formal and glamorous. Pearls in white or ivory are the most traditional and versatile, but black pearls can also add a unique and modern touch.

Can I Wear Pearls with Other Types of Jewelry?

The pairing of pearls with diamonds or diamond simulants is always a wise choice.

  • The pairing of pearls with diamonds or diamond simulants is always a wise choice.
  • Pearls with golden overtones look best with yellow gold, while pearls with cooler tones can be complemented with silver or white gold.
  • When it comes to combining pearl jewelry pieces, pairing pearls with diamonds or diamond simulants like cubic zirconia, white topaz, and moissanite is always a great option.
  • A pearl's luster can enhance the brilliance of a diamond, whereas diamonds can give a pearl a sense of sparkle and glamour.
  • If you have a custom pearl necklace, consider pairing it with pearl and diamond earrings, a bracelet, or a pendant for a timeless and elegant look.

How do I Clean My Pearl Jewelry?

Add a few drops of dish soap to a bowl of warm water and put your pearls in the bowl for a few minutes. Then, clean with a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth which helps your pearls shine again. Rinse your pearls with distilled water and gently rub them with a soft cloth.

Avoid drying in the sun; dry on a towel or cloth. To prevent sweat, perfume, and chemicals from damaging your pearls, clean them with a microfiber cloth after each use.

For more details, you can browse the page 'home remedies for cleaning jewelry'.

How Can I Tell If My Pearls Are Real or Fake?

Natural pearls have a layered structure and thus have a textured surface. Cultured pearls are also made up of layers, but their texture is a bit smoother. When you rub the pearls lightly against each other or on your front teeth, you can understand their rough texture. In addition, cultured pearls have a more glassy structure.